Spa Cleaning

Proper spa maintenance involves regularly cleaning the cover and filter of your spa and checking the chemical levels and adding the right chemicals as needed. You need to maintain the proper chemical levels in your hot tub because your spa equipment may corrode if the chemical levels are too high and bacteria can take over if the chemical levels are too low. Cleaning your spa cover will help keep your spa working better and protect it from bad bacteria and germs. Regular spa maintenance will keep your hot tub water sparkling and inviting for all bathers.

Testing Spa Water

Test and apply chemicals to your spa

  • Use test strips to test your spa just as you would to test your swimming pool. You should check the chemical levels 1-2 times a week. These readings will give you levels of Total Alkalinity (TA), calcium hardness, chlorine, pH, bromine and total hardness.
  • Be sure that you only add one chemical at a time to your spa. This will minimize the risk of chemical reactions.
  • Check the TA first. The proper level should be between 80-120 ppm.
  • Sanitize your hot tub with bromine or chlorine. If you use a floater, the tablets will dissolve over time.
  • Check for calcium hardness. If your calcium hardness is too high, scale will form in your spa. Your calcium hardness should be between 100-250 ppm if it has an acrylic finish and 250-450 if it has a plaster finish.
  • Check the pH levels last. Your pH should be between 7.2-7.8. If the pH is off, be sure to stabilize the TA.

Hot Tub with Cover

Cover and filter cleaning

  • Every two weeks, take the cartridge out of the filter and run water over each pleat to remove any dirt out of the filter. Be sure to let it air dry before replacing it. Every six months a filter cleaner should be used on the cartridge to remove the oils that may build up.
  • Your cover acts to keep your spa free from debris, so it should be cleaned once a month. Use a general purpose cleaner, a rag or soft sponge to clean the cover. Be sure to not use abrasives or dish soap because this can ruin the vinyl. Be sure that it air dries before replacing it.

Change the water in your spa at least once every 5-6 months.

Leave your hot tub on at all times.

  • When you are not using your spa, turn down the temperature. Your spa should be equipped with pumps that will circulate the water. This will keep your spa from building up algae as it filters and cleans the water.